Ellaism Testnet

Test your DApps before deploying to mainnet.

Ellaism has a Proof-of-Authority (PoA) testnet called "Autumnus". The testnet settings are similar to mainnet, however we chose the PoA consensus algorithm because it provides a stable experience. More information about proof-of-authority consensus can be found in the Parity documentation and on Wikipedia.

Getting Started

It is easy to connect to the Autumnus testnet! To get started, download the autumnus testnet configuration and run:

parity --chain autumnus.json

Additional facilities you can use on the testnet:

Testnet Faucet

We are currently working on setting up an automated faucet. If you need testnet tokens immediately, join us on Discord and ping majordutch. Otherwise send an email to core@ellaism.io with your testnet address and we will manually send you tokens.